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Who we are

At 2310 Strategy, we offer independent management consulting services to technology scale-ups and medium-sized corporations and consultancies throughout Europe.  Our primary objective is to provide a distinctive perspective that enables businesses to address complex challenges and enhance their performance.


We actively collaborate with our client’s internal teams, providing comprehensive support on a wide array of projects such as Product Strategy, Sales Strategy and Business Development. Our aim is to help them generate long-term value. 


We focus on assisting companies involved in AI, Robotics, Automation and Blockchain that develop products and services across various industries. Our sector-agnostic approach stems from our accumulated experience across multiple domains, enabling us to comprehend the intricacies of each engagement. With extensive project experience spanning various sectors across Europe and USA, we adopt a unique approach to each engagement and deliver measurable outcomes.

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StrategicPlanning, business development, market research
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